Member must read and confirm Guidelines before each Sharing Request



Voluntary Sharing

Impact Health Sharing is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is operated for the benefit of its Members. Member participation in Impact is entirely voluntary and is not a contract for insurance or insurance benefits. To understand the voluntary nature of healthcare sharing, please watch this video explanation by Impact’s CEO Phil Chrysler.

Funds available for sharing are limited to actual amounts voluntarily contributed by the Impact community. That is the nature of voluntary sharing among community members.

Balancing Individual and Community Needs

Money available for voluntary sharing is owned by each Impact Member, held in a separate account in the name of the Member. Impact simply facilitates sharing on behalf of the entire membership to an individual Member who has an identified need.

This means Impact evaluates sharing requests from individual Members; but also preserves shared reserves for the benefit of all Members.

Exercising Judgment

Impact evaluates each sharing request under its Guidelines. At times, there will be situations where the validity of a Member’s request is unclear. In these situations, Impact must exercise judgment to evaluate the request, taking into account:

  • the degree of clarity under the Guidelines of the sharing request submitted; and
  • the common-sense fairness of the sharing request, under all the circumstances; and
  • the fiscal impact on sustainability of the sharing reserve if the sharing request is honored.

Notification in Writing

In the event a Member’s sharing request is declined, Impact will explain its decision in writing to the affected member and may post a redacted version of the letter for all Members to see (without identifying the requesting Member’s name).

Right of Appeal to Panel of Members

Any Member whose sharing request is declined has the right to follow appeal procedures set out here.


By becoming an Impact Member, you acknowledge these Guidelines and acknowledge that Impact has the legal right to facilitate sharing under these Guidelines, for your benefit and for the benefit of all members, in its sole discretion.

Please access our Disclosures at

Specific Medical Conditions

  1. Maternity
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Preventative Screening
  4. Wellness
  5. Mental Health
  6. Outpatient Therapy
  7. Durable Medical Equipment
  8. Prostheses
  9. Medical Transportation
  10. Home Health
  11. Hospice
  12. Sharing Outside the United States
  13. Tobacco Use
  14. Alcohol Use