Case Studies

Hard Work Pays Off… Literally

Case studies show that pension litigation cases are won based on deep research of financial data that tells a story of liability. The following case studies are examples of our work across various areas of our litigation practice:

Case 1

Pension Litigation

We won a $42 million pension increase for 574 retired United Airlines Pilots in ESOP appeal to Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp (PBGC), the largest pension increase for any employee group in 20 years.

Pension Increase

Case 2

Vaccination Mandate Litigation

We currently represent 683 Los Angeles County Firefighters in a challenge to a vaccination mandate under the California Constitution. With over a year of hard-fought litigation behind us, not one of our firefighter clients has been forced to take a Covid vaccination and not one has been fired for refusing a vaccination.

Firefighters Represented

Case 3

Derivatives Litigation

We represented a corporate client against Citibank to recover $12 million in derivative-based investment losses. After identifying alleged self-dealing, with a prop trading desk apparently taking both sides of trades that resulted in losses to our client, we settled the case for $7.5 million early in litigation.

Derivative-based Investment Recovery

Case 4

ESOP Litigation

We represented 1,500 United Airlines Pilots in litigation and advisory work to stop the employee stock option plan proposed by UAL. We found bribes to executives and stopped the deal. In a related class action case, we worked as co-counsel with Hagens Berman, the country’s premiere class action lawfirm.

Pilots Represented

Case 5

Constitutional Law

We represented a healthcare sharing company in successful lobby work in Texas, Montana, and Arizona involving the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s religious exemption.

Case 6

Unfair Competition Litigation

We worked as co-counsel with Boies, Schiller & Flexner, representing a mid-sized software company in an unfair competition claim against IBM. The case settled for $14.25 million. The case was settled when we identified internal emails at IBM showing a “public position” on a partnership offering and an “internal position” for IBM internal use only. Faced with this discrepancy, IBM chose to settle the case.

Settlement for Unfair Competition

Case 7

Railway Labor Act Representation

We represented 1000+ United Parcel Service Pilots in staging a union election under the Railway Labor Act. This resulted in every pilot flying for UPS leaving the Teamsters Union and joining the new union we organized, the Independent Pilots Associaton.

Pilots Represented